Best Lead Management

MG Qatar Receives the Best MG Lead Management Award in the Region

Doha, Qatar, March 2023: MG Qatar, represented in Qatar by Auto Class Cars, has been awarded the prestigious MG Best Lead Management Award for its outstanding achievements over the past year. The award was presented to representatives from MG Qatar at a special ceremony held by MG to honor its best dealers in various categories.

MG Qatar's exceptional performance in Lead Management has enabled it to maintain a prominent position in the region, resulting in remarkable growth in marketing and sales. As the best among its peers, MG Qatar received the award for its systematic and professional process to reach out to potential customers.

Auto Class Cars

Frank Zauner, GM of Auto Class Cars, and Ahmad Firoozi, Marketing Manager, received the MG Best Lead Management Award. Commenting on the award, Frank Zauner said, 

"We are proud to receive this prominent award from MG, which reflects our team's hard work and effective contribution to the growth of our company. We look forward to more achievements and maintaining our leading position in the region."

MG Qatar gives utmost attention to customer satisfaction, which is a critical component in the success of the company. This is achieved through a providing high-quality vehicles, offering exceptional customer service, and maintaining a strong reputation for reliability and safety. Through an advanced system and process, MG Qatar excels in regularly collecting and analysing feedback from customers to ensure that they are meeting their expectations and addressing any issues that may arise. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, MG Qatar thrived to build long-lasting relationships with customers and continue to grow the MG brand in Qatar.

Lead management is a systematic process that involves qualifying, analyzing, and nurturing incoming leads to convert them into new business opportunities. In a typical sales process, leads from multiple channels enter the lead management system, and sales-ready leads are converted into deals.

Auto Class Cars has strengthened its position in the market as the authorized general distributor of MG in Qatar. The company's efforts have further enhanced the MG brand and sales to unprecedented levels.